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Apr 14, 2022 – 

For years, Big Tobacco poisoned Americans with the chemicals they put in their cigarettes. Not only that, they lied to us about it. That’s pretty much what Big Oil has been doing for decades. They allow methane – and the poisonous chemicals that are in it – into the air we breathe. This not only harms us but is also a big contributor to the climate crisis. And, just like Big Tobacco, Big Oil has spent money for years to create alleged scientific reports that lied about climate change and its role in it.

As a society, we worked together to make Big Tobacco change its practices and we helped a lot of people kick their addictive products. We need to do the same with Big Oil. Not only are they some of the biggest contributors to global warming, but they have also fought against rules that would make them clean up their act. And they’ve been standing in the way of bigger public investments in green energy sources. It’s time to stand together and fight back.

“One in three Americans lives in a county with oil and gas production. As oil and gas operations increasingly extend into neighborhoods across the United States, concerns have mounted about the impact of the industry’s air pollution on the health of nearby communities.

Methane, the main component of natural gas and a powerful pollutant, is leaked from oil and gas industry operations at a rate of seven million tons per year, and it brings with it serious implications for public health.”

Environmental Defense Fund


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While the New Mexico EIB is not taking comments, you can still let them know that you support their adoption of the current version of the draft rules to protect New Mexicans. The EIB is meeting for deliberation and possible final decisions on the matter of the proposed new regulation, 20.2.50 NMAC – Oil and Gas Sector – Ozone Precursor Pollutants EIB 21-27 (R).