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Mar 22, 2022 – 

Methane is responsible for 25% of climate pollution globally, making it one of the most potent greenhouse gasses, trapping 80 times the heat compared to carbon dioxide over a 20-year time period. This potency is speeding up global warming. In addition, when methane is leaked into the atmosphere, primarily from fracking, drilling, and pipelines, it also releases toxins and carcinogens.

NM’s top 15 oil and gas producers accounted for 78% of natural gas flaring in 2018, negatively impacting air quality. Fortunately, many of the state’s operators have begun discussing and taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. One company shifted its approach and flared waste at a lower rate in 2018, compared to the statewide median. They continued to reduce flaring volumes over the next 3 consecutive years, in turn, reducing the harmful waste and toxins released into our air. 

We know methane leaks can be mitigated through better maintenance and repair of equipment and using technology for monitoring. With resources available and in place, there is no reason gas and oil companies should resist. The benefits far outweigh the cost, reducing harmful by-products and pollutants resulting in improvements for our children’s health. 

Everything has a cause and effect. As we support our state government in setting standards with ozone rules to protect our air quality, we can protect children’s health and our future. We hope you join us in the conversation. 

While the EIB is not taking comments, you can still let them know that you support their adoption of the current version of the draft rules to protect New Mexicans. The EIB is in deliberation and possible final decisions in the matter of proposed new regulation, 20.2.50 NMAC – Oil and Gas Sector – Ozone Precursor Pollutants EIB 21-27 (R). We will share updates as we receive them.