Clean Water

testing water quality

Clean water is critical to the survival of humans, animals and vegetation, through nutrition, disease prevention, food production and the elimination of toxins in our bodies. Though we often take clean water for granted, the health of millions of people around the globe is at risk each day because of their lack of access to clean water sources. Water quality issues have arisen in the United States once again as lead contamination has been found in municipal water systems including Flint Michigan. In Flint, more than 9,000 children were found to have been exposed to contaminated water.

Water is a limited and precious resource in our state and ensuring that our water is clean for human and wildlife consumption, as well as agriculture, is important. In New Mexico, small underfunded water systems, along with water contaminants remaining from the mining industries, farming industries and military bases impact New Mexico’s water quality, as well as naturally occurring contaminants such as arsenic.